Community Builders Award


Williamsburg, VA (November 9, 2015) – The Williamsburg Masonic Lodge No.6, located at 233 Francis St E, Williamsburg, awarded the "Community Builders Award" to Mrs. Kathy Hornsby during a presentation Monday, November 9, at the Williamsburg Masonic Lodge.

Freemasonry is the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world. All Masons have a strong allegiance to their country, their family and their neighbors. As such the "Community Builders Award" was created by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Virginia to recognize non-masons who stand out in the community by their unparalleled volunteering of time and expertise in their community to make it a better place to live, raise families and work.

Mrs. Kathy Hornsby was awarded the "Community Builders Award" for her magnitude of charitable contributions she has made over the years. A few of the organizations Mrs. Hornsby has been involved with include: Child Development Resources (Board Member and Chair), Historic Virginia Land Conservancy (Co-founder), College of William and Mary (Board of Visitors), Children's Museum of Richmond (Board Member), Massey Cancer Center, Habitat for Humanity, Williamsburg AIDS Network, An Achievable Dream, and ALS Foundation.

During the "Community Builders Award" presentation Mr. Warren West (Worshipful Master Williamsburg Masonic Lodge) Mr. Paul Scott, executive Director of Child Development Resources, Mrs. Caren Schumacher, Executive Director of the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy, and Mr. Paul Freiling, Vice Mayor of the City of Williamsburg acknowledged Mrs. Hornsby's contributions of volunteering to the community.

Pictured: (Top Left) Mr. Paul Scott, (Top Center) Mrs. Caren Schumacher, (Top Right) Mr. Warren West, (Bottom Left) Mr. Bruce Hornsby, (Bottom Center) Mrs. Kathy Hornsby, (Bottom Right) Mr. Paul Freiling