November 2015 Trestleboard
From The East

Brethren of Williamsburg Lodge:

As my year as Worshipful Master of our beloved Lodge is nearing completion, I wanted to express my gratitude for affording me this amazing opportunity. We have had a busy year; hosting many events, traveling to many other Lodges, achieving our best blood drive results in several years, providing scholarships to deserving students, and completing the kitchen renovation!

As the year draws to an end, I have noticed over the past few years, that the Lodge became less active and less Brothers were willing to travel and provide support for our knife and fork crews. It is my hope that we can stay vibrant in our Lodge and continue to travel to Lodges outside our district at least once each month. I would ask that more of you help out with food preparation and clean up at our dinners and breakfasts, especially all EA’s and FC’s.

At the Dec. 14th Stated we will hold election of Officers for the 2016 Masonic year. Your vote is one of the most important privileges you have as a Master Mason and member of Williamsburg Lodge. I will also give my “State of the Lodge” address to the Brethren. As it will be my last Stated Communication as Worshipful Master, I would greatly appreciate your attendance.

In conclusion, I sincerely thank you all for your support and friendship. I am immensely proud to be a member of Williamsburg Lodge No. 6 and honored to serve as your Worshipful Master this year.


December 2nd    6:00 pm   WMBG Shrine Club Dinner – Ladies Night & Officer Installation @ Fords Colony
2nd Mon 7:30 pm   #6: Stated; Dinner 6:30
3rd Mon   7:30 pm   Yorktown Town Stated 
2nd Sat 8:00 am Breakfast@Chickahominy 
3rd Tue 7:30 pm    Mann Page Stated 

3rd. Sat (November Only)WBG Lodge Breakfast – 8-10 AM

Dec. 18th @7PM – Open Installation of 2016 Williamsburg No. 6 Officers

Dec. 19th St John's Day Starting at 11:00am with an EA lodge, lunch and procession to follow.

Upcoming December Masonic Birthdays

MM Roster
Prefix FirstName MiddleName LastName
Bro. Howard William Reardon
Bro. Brian Taylor Concannon
Bro. David Bliss Elswick
Bro. Edward Patrick Fox
Bro. Charles Eugene Hawkins
Bro. George Edward Hockaday
Bro. Kurt Daniel Williams
Wor. David Read Lee
Bro. William Earle Rorer III
Bro. Richard Huges Carter
Bro. James Abitt Woodall
Bro. Orvil Cranfill Metheny
Bro. George Fogg McGilvery
Bro. Russell Hugh Van Brimer
Bro. Theodore Scott Hiller
Wor. Richard Henry Jones
Bro. Moody Jay Harp
Bro. James Richard Mason
Bro James Herbert Gareau Sr.
Bro. Robert Wade Baker

Brothers Tom Lane Jr, Fred Hill, Tom Hay & Mike Capone were present for their November Masonic Birthdays.

November  Stated Communication:

34 Members and 15 visitors were present.

Thanks to All!
The Grand Lodge announced that Williamsburg No. 6 has won the James Noah Hillman Award. 15% of the members are required to contribute $5 or more to the Masonic Home. Williamsburg No. 6 greatly exceeded the required percentage.

Wor. West Commented on the 2015 Grand Lodge proceedings and thanked the 15 members that attended Grand Lodge with him.

Dues: Bills for 2016 have been mailed. If you hold a 2015 dues card, then dues for next year remain the same at $100.

Additionally – 12 Brothers have not paid their 2015 dues and face suspension at the December Stated Communication.

Petition 1st Reading:

A Petition for the Degrees from Daryl Wayne Daniels was read for the 1st time. The Master ordered the petition to be held over for 4 weeks.

Applications 2nd  Reading:

The Application for affiliation from Wor. Robert Joseph Whitley, a former member of Peninsula Lodge No. 278 in Newport News, VA was read for the 2nd time. The ballot was spread and Wor.  Whitley was elected to membership in Williamsburg No. 6.

Please welcome Wor. Whittley when you see him in Lodge.

Committee Reports: 

The recent blood drive collected 18 units topping the desired drive goal.

The Master tasked the SW to form an audit committee and report by the December stated communication.

The Master requested the Trustees provide a report at the December stated communication.


The master requested the SD present Bro. James Gareau in the East where he was awarded a Certificate of Completion for correspondence courses 3 & 4.

The Master lauded Bro. Jim and awarded him Certification of Appreciation for all his untiring efforts in support of the Master and Lodge. Brother Gareau responded accordingly.

The SD Presented Bro. Gary Palmer in the East where Wor. West awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for all he has done for the Lodge over several years.

. Recognition of Veterans by Branch:  To commemorate Veterans Day the Master requested all veterans to rise and briefly comment on their service to the country.

Lodge Musician, Bro. Dave Gardner, performed the song “I’m proud to be an American” accompanied by the brethren.

Item for December Stated:

Wor. West commented that the Peyton Randolph Lodge of Research has requested we allow them to hold their quarterly meetings on the fourth Saturday of the respective months vs the third. No Discussion was entertained. A Voice Vote on the request will be taken at the December Communication. The Master requested comments be submitted to him or the Secretary via email prior to December.

“What is Freemasonry doing for me?”

Come to Lodge - Bask in the Glow of one another’s presence and you will



December Trestleboard

posted Dec 19, 2015, 5:37 PM by Dave Coffey

From The East

Excerpt:, Master December Stated Comments
To my officers - I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and assistance throughout the year. To the Past Masters, I truly appreciate your advice and guidance and to the Brethren of Williamsburg Lodge, I am most grateful for the many roles and responsibilities you undertook in support of your Lodge. 

I am confident in the new line of officers for 2016 and hope that you will all continue your support for them and the Lodge. The building is in the best shape it has been in years, in large part due to the diligence of Bro. Gary Palmer, but much remains to be done. 

In closing, I want to express my humble thanks for the privilege you afforded me as your Worshipful Master this year! I will cherish this experience forever! 

My Brothers, Thank you! 


2nd Mon 7:30 pm   #6: Stated; Dinner 6:30
3rd Mon   7:30 pm   Yorktown Town Stated 
2nd Sat 8:00 am Breakfast@Chickahominy 
3rd Tue 7:30 pm    Mann Page Stated 
3rd. Sat (Except December)WBG Lodge Breakfast – 8-10 AM

Dec. 19th St John's Day Starting at 11:00am with an EA lodge, lunch and procession to follow.

Upcoming January Masonic Birthdays

First Middle Last MM m-d-y
Michael Vincent Schindler 1/10/2013
Henry Albert Johnson 1/11/1957
James Martin Miller 1/14/1975
Thomas Wilbut Lane III 1/15/2015
David Russell Coffey 1/19/2006
Gilbert Earle Teal II 1/20/1999
Richard Charles Arnold 1/21/1964
James H. Leighton 1/24/1963
Albert Russell Trevarthen 1/25/1965
Johnathan Andrew Jackson 1/25/1992
Richard Earle Hill 1/26/2006
Nelson Rafael Santiago 1/27/2009
Vernon Leon Dockins 1/31/2000

Brother Jim Gareau was present for his December Masonic Birthday.

December  Stated Communication:

32 Members and 4 visitors were present.

Wor. West thanked all brethren who helped with delivery of poinsettias to our widows.

Bills for 2016 have been mailed. They are payable by January 1st. Dues for 2016 are $100.

Ten brethren were suspended for non-payment of 2015 dues. Three have said they would respond within the week of Dec 20th.

Applications 1st Reading: 

The Application for affiliation of Wor. Ben Manning, a member of Bremond No. 241 in Newport News, VA was read for the 1st time. 

Petition 2nd Reading: 

A Petition for the Degrees from Daryl Wayne Daniels was held over until the January Stated due to the absence of one of the signing vouchers.


Wor. West commented that the Peyton Randolph Lodge of Research (PRLR) has requested we allow them to hold their quarterly meetings on the fourth Saturday of the respective month’s vs the third. Discussion was entertained. A voice v.ote was taken and approval granted. The PRLR will be asked to begin their meeting at 11 AM vs 10AM.

DEO Award: Brother Skip Floyd was escorted to the East where Wor. Kent Brinkley, DEO, presented him a certificate of achievement for completing course No. 4 of Masonic Education Series.

Treasurers Report:   Was submitted by Bro. Robert Phipps

Committee Reports: 

Brother David Coffey presented the 2015 Lodge Audit Report. 

MW William E. Rorer Jr. presented the 2015 Trustees Report.

Election of 2016 Officers

Wor. West nominated Brother David Russell Coffey for the position of Worshipful Master in the ensuing year and asked if there were any other nominations. No other nominations being heard a voice vote was taken and Brother Coffey was unanimously elected. Brother Coffey holds Qualification Certificate No. 5871. 

Bro. Coffey was called to the East where elections and appointments continued in like manner. The following officers were unanimously elected:

SW –    Brother Joseph William Langdale Jr.
JW–      Brother James Herbert Gareau Sr.
Treas. – Brother Robert Patrick Phipps
Sec. –    RW Victor Alan Shumaker 
SD -      Brother Peter John Booker     
JD -       Brother Ryan McLendon Young

SS – Bro. Jan Rhodri Tilley
JS – Bro. Timothy Patrick Logue
Chaplain – Wor. M. Kent Brinkley
Tiler – Brother Michael Andrew Noftsger 
Marshal – Brother Thomas Thrasher Hay
Lodge Musician – Brother David Michael Gardner.

Election of Trustees

 Wor. West nominated the following Brethren to continue as trustees of the Lodge: MW William E. Rorer Jr, RW Jack G. Jones & RW Thomas E. Lasher. No other nominations being heard, a voice vote was taken an approval given for the nominated Brethren to continue as Trustees.

A Memorial Service was performed in Ancient Form and Harmony in memory of Brothers, John Kish and John T. Brinkley and all departed brethren wherever so dispersed. Wor. West called for a moment of silence.

The Lodge of Sorrow opened at the beginning of the year was closed in Ancient Form and Harmony.

We’ll see Y’all at Lodge in January!


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